Telecom Distribution


Our Value Proposition

Our vision of the future is founded on an in-depth understanding of customer service and by anticipating consumer future communication needs, for a simple and effortless interaction with mobile services.

We pride ourselves in enhancing the customer experience and Sales Distribution through our main pillars listed below. It is these pillars that help make us leaders in delivering products across the region including prepaid and postpaid plans, airtime and top-up vouchers.

1. Customer Engagement Center

Our highly-trained sales force represents the telecom operator as well as offering clear and professional information at the point of contact. Sky Telecom has invested time, resources and development in its sales agents through intense training courses. A comprehensive program has been initiated to develop a motivated and dynamic sales function with highly-effective results.

2. Dedicated Field Sales Team

Sky Telecom mobilises 800 Sales resources, 300 vehicles and four regional logistic hubs to a wider reach across the region. Having a physical presence in ten major cities is vital to providing an efficient and first-class service through delivery routes.

Sky Telecom-tailored Sales Automation Mobility Solutions will empower teams across Customer Services, Sales, Logistics and CRM. The business will benefit from improved field sales productivity, responsiveness and customer experience.

3. POS Coverage (Reach)

Over the coming year, customers will have access to 40,000+ POS devices under the Trusted Partner network, offering easy access to services and payments from our broad spectrum of partners.

Products & Services:

  1. Bill Payment.
  2. Prepaid Airtime.
  3. Money Transfer.
  4. E-Ticketing.
  5. Registration.

Customer Segments

Mass Market Distribution

The region is widely serviced by a multitude of convenience stores and electronic shops. Our telecom partners value Sky Telecom as a distributor who has the infrastructure and reach to target these retail owners and sell their SIM cards and plans through them.

Sky Telecom’s ‘Mass Market’ value proposition is to:

  1. Your Increase market penetration (improve Geo Penetration and open new markets and sub base).
  2. Increase market share/revenue.
  3. Reduce cost of customer acquisition.
  4. Create better visibility of stock.
  5. Improve forecasting.
  6. Reduce customer churn rate.
  7. Improve customer experience.

High-end Consumer

Sky Telecom perfectly understands the consumer behaviour of your target audience due to our years of experience in the business. Our Sales Team is trained to address each of these individual needs.

The Field Sales Team is organised by region and receives qualified leads from the Contact Centre directly in their assigned tasks:

  1. Telesales team in Contact Centre.
  2. Sales presentation of Postpaid and Fixed lines to consumers.
  3. Ensure First Bills Payment.
  4. Quality Assurance of the end- to- end process.

Franchise and Retail Management

Sky Telecom provides  a fully-developed and independent business organisation for Franchise and Retail Management that applies an unconventional end consumer approach regionally.

We are in the extremely privileged and advantageous position of being a pioneer business across the UAE telecom market with a firm foothold in retail telecom.

What we offer:

  1. Franchise management: Fully managed by Sky Telecom and designed as per Operator Branding Standards.
  2. Shop in Shop concept or express kiosks.
  3. Independent kiosks dedicated to Operator products and services.

Enterprise Solutions

Sky telecom Enterprise & B2B Department provides best-in-class customer acquisition to target ‘Enterprise and Professionals’. Our team is organised into three departments:

  1. Contact Center and Back Office.
  2. Lead Generation.
  3. Sales opportunities conversion.
  4. Administration of contracts and coordination with Operator Back Office.
  5. Direct Sales Team and Account Managers who visit customers, present Operator products and services, fulfil all required steps to sign the contract.
  6. Quality Assurance.