MySky is a unique and innovative digital commerce destination connecting the best retail shops as well as Home and Financial Services to MySky customers in your region.

MySky allows customers to shop, pay their bills and socialise on the latest shopping trends.

Benefits to the customer of MySky

  • Broad range of new and Innovative services
  • Flexible and secure service available 24/7/365
  • Quick & instant payment transactions
  • All products & services available at ecommerce site, POS and Mobile app
  • Multiple methods of payment
  • Authentication and personal details
  • Transaction Security
  • Multilanguage platform
  • Service available at more than 6,000+ outlets in UAE
  • Card/Cash payment accepted
  • Instant feedback and notification on transactions – Email/SMS
  • Expert advice and customer support 24/7
  • One-stop shop
  • Loyalty Program
  • MySky Web offers so much more

    MySky is your social shopping and pay destination, featuring the best offers on everything from the latest smartphones, electronics, fashion, travel, jewellery, perfume and beauty, art & antiques, travel and adventure, sports home décor and more.

    As the UAE’s fastest growing e-commerce site, MySky also offers social sharing and bill payment all on one platform, making it the ultimate shopping destination. It takes user experience to the next level by focusing on social sharing of what shoppers and their friends are purchasing within their social community – allowing them to share their favourite finds and recommend purchases to their friends. Transferring money and paying bills are now at a click of a button.

    MySky POS provides a network of POS machines offering a global network of partners and their customers to send money, reload phones and pay bills.

    The POS is a handheld Android device at Point of Sale. It’s a smart card reader, a magnetic card reader and contactless card reader that offers a 24/7 online service. This remarkable device is also a thermal printer, a camera and a barcode scanner (1D/2D).


    MySky Mobile Experience

    MySky has launched its app as a one-stop destination for managing your account, bill payments, mobile recharges, shopping and socialising on the go. Among its many assets, the fully stoppable app enables online shoppers to browse, share, chat, talk and shop online all from one app – instead of having to switch between multiple apps.

    The shopping app is available on Android and Mac.

    MySky Partners

    MyLoyalty. Your Benefits.

    This is a sales incentives program designed for Sky Partners and targeted at all registered retailers in the region to increase engagement, traffic and revenue.

    Under the program, members will be offered a flat incentive as reward points. Quarterly sales achievements are set to drive incremental revenue growth, and the program is user-friendly to encourage participation. The rewards themselves are relevant, exciting and aspirational. That’s because we always like to reward loyalty.

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