We have built a network of partnerships with industry leading companies and organisations that collectively enable us to provide end-to-end solutions for our expanding customer base. We’re immensely proud of these partnerships and, as with any lasting relationship; we take great pride in nurturing them.

Become a MySky Trusted Store Partner

If you would like to become a Trusted Store Partner, we offer you a number of benefits to help increase your market share in the region.

Reach customers right across the region

An ever-growing data base of online customers will see your items gain far greater reach across the marketplace.

Increase your footfall

Having your products featured in more than one place increases the number of people visiting your shop.

Leverage distribution and payment gathering to us

We’ll take care of pick-up of your items and delivery to end consumers and send you the money too.

Enter the online marketplace for your products

Increase access to your product and awareness through MySky online.

Benefit from our marketing spends

MySky advertising is your advertising.

Easy and free registration

Registration is free and done in a few easy steps.

We look forward to welcoming you as a Trusted Store Partner. Let’s grow together.

MySky Retail Partner

If you have a physical shop and would like to generate additional revenue, partner with us and benefit from our POS – a smart android credit and debit card reader that provides a wide range of services 24/7. It’s also a thermal printer and camera that can make and receive payments, transfer money, top up, purchase e-tickets plus so much more.

Here are some of the key benefits to you:

  1. Resell Prepaid Airtime (Prepaid cards & International Top-up).
  2. Offer your customers to pay their bills through you via our POS solution.
  3. Or any other product available on the MySky platform.

Our POS is an invaluable, state-of-the-art tool that’s an integral part of providing a truly excellent service. And when you consider that MySky has more than 40,000 Partners across the region, you can see why becoming one yourself could be the exactly what your business has been waiting for.

Enterprise Partners

We offer Enterprises  an extensive network of retailers who are utilising MySky’s POS machines – allowing their customers to pay their bills through any of MySky’s Trusted Store retail shops.

By partnering with MySky, you benefit from a multi-channel platform with a physical reach of 40,000+ POS in the region.

In addition to POS services, we introduced MySky online Marketplace that offers customers a hassle-free and secure bill payment function. The platform has been designed to enhance the customer experience to pay or shop online. As an enterprise, you can upload your product catalogue online to our MySky platform, and we take care of new customer acquisition and registration, as well as offer online bill payment and cash collection. We also take care of customer service, KYC and survey.

It’s not only convenient and easy to let MySky handle your online business, we also provide all kinds of payment transactions ranging from cash to Sky Wallet to credit card, direct debit and debit card, offering your customers a choice of payment options and a convenient way to pay, paving the way for a successful online business.

Telecom Operators

MySky has proved to be a great benefit to telecom operators who are now able to sell their SIM cards through our logistics facilities and our network of retailers. MySky takes care of SIM activations, new customer acquisitions, selling plans of our sales team, top ups and more on their behalf.

We provide services to mobile operators and financial institutions across the region with solutions that focus on finding new and innovative ways for clients to drive revenue and value to their sales channels and customers. These partners are more than happy to benefit from the MySky infrastructure to deliver their offering, not only via our extensive network of retailers, but also from our sales agents who make sales calls to consumers, enterprises and organisations in the provision of telecom distribution, e-commerce, bill payments and loyalty solutions.

Our Value Proposition:

  1. Functional simplicity and cost savings: Intelligent and inventive business model and flexible solutions provide functional simplicity to our partners while reducing costs..
  2. Acquisition of new Customers by identifying gaps in the market and modelling of flexible packages..
  3. Retention of existing customers with contact centres, customer service and new service provisions..
  4. Enhanced revenue generation: Our integrated solutions lower the cost for service providers.
  5. Data segmentation enables our partners to harness critical information, operationalise meaningful insights, and create unprecedented value..
  6. Leveraging the Innovation through development of tools and technologies to analyse big data. It provides a deep understanding of customers’ profiles and helps in innovating with new services through data-driven marketing.