About Us


Who we are:

Sky Telecom is one of the most dynamic and exciting companies in the MEA, having made incredible headway in an extremely competitive industry.

Sky Telecom draws on 30 years of collective experience in the provision of telecom distribution, e-commerce, bill payments and loyalty solutions. We provide services to mobile operators and financial institutions across the region with solutions that focus on finding new and innovative ways for clients to drive revenue and value to their sales channels and customers.

Offering you more:

We also offer a unique combination of products, insight and services to help create robust distribution channels driven by engagement and value to create brand loyalty.

The key driving factors have always been continuous innovation and swift transformation. Complemented by a range of expertise, products and services across core capability areas to uniquely configure and deliver bespoke solutions and products for our clients.

Our breadth of expertise spans four core areas of capability:

  1. Telecom Distribution.
  2. E-Commerce.
  3. M-Payments.
  4. Loyalty.

Each and every one of these capabilities is supported by dedicated teams who focus on Product, R&D, Operations, Customer Care and Data. This unique combination of specialised insight delivers an unmatched breadth of solutions to our clients.